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We focus on providing new technology knowledge of machines and tools in metalworking industry.

Optimal Service

We provide a total marketing solution via print, online, exhibitions, seminars and act as direct and indirect marketing consultant.

Update Trends

We provide updated reports and analyses of industrial investment trends in relation to the current world economy.

Leading Trusted Database

We update and improve our metalworking industry database on a monthly basis for the benefit of our readers who may be able to utilize the information to enhance their business. We also conduct reader surveys on regular basis.

Your Advertising Benefits

Target Brand Image

With us, you will improve your brand and enhance your company's image throughout the year. We act as your business partner to help you achieve your image requirements.

Reach Decision Makers

You can reach decision makers and authority groups in a faster manner, beyond your expectations, as more than 70% of our circulated magazines go directly to these people.

Unlimited Business Networking

You will have unlimited opportunities for business networking with major overseas companies via our articles are written in both English and Thai, with the intention to promote knowledge and under standing globally.

Speed Up Sales

Being capable of instantaneously reaching more than 12,000 readers (Print & Online), you will be able to increase and speed up sales.

Trusted by Customers

Become respected and trusted by both old and new customers. We will stand by your side and support your product and service to advance your business to the forefront of the metal working industry.

Digital Marketing Service

We are dedicated to providing you with the greatest possible advantage when it comes to advertising. A digital magazine version of every issue is sent to each reader via e-mail which is readable on PC, Tablets, and mobile devices via internet browsers.

  Distribution Channel

  1. Email Blast to our readers more than 22,000 lists (in Thailand + South East Asia)
  2. On our websites www.aimplus.co.th and www.megatechmagazine.com
  3. Issuu.com - The world's top online publications that supports on any devices
  4. Ookbee - Thailand & South East Asia's top online publications platform for iOS and Android
  5. On our social media, such as Facebook with more than 5,000 followers and Line@ with more than 150 followers


Our focus is on presenting continuous coverage and information regarding new technologies in the metalworking industry, including reports and analyses industrial investment trends in relation to the current world economy​​

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megatech magazine, industry 4.0 manufacturing, business matching
megatech magazine, industry 4.0 manufacturing, business matching
megatech magazine, industry 4.0 manufacturing, business matching